Funerals, Weddings, Spiritual Enrichment

A personal examination of the illusions we create that obscure us from knowing who we are. What? That's right, this course will merge ancient and current Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist mysticism with recent discoveries in quantum physics to explore the myths and illusions that cloud our existence. The Instructor will facilitate vigorous discussions as participants deal with fundamental questions on: perception, intuition, separateness, aging and death. This course will appeal to those who are spiritually-seeking, willing to open their minds and engage their brains, and explore something that might change your life.

Science and Spirituality

15 Hour Course

The content of this discussion-led course is daring and provocative, and is intended to expand one’s thinking and reasoning as we explore the magnificence of God and reveal the fences that separate us from knowing the Creator and ourselves.  We will contemplate the creation of the Universe from theological, philosophical, and scientific perspectives.  Finally, we will examine the distortions, myths, and illusions created by man that give rise to the world’s major religions that now obscure humanity from knowing the divinity and unity in everything. This course will appeal to those who are spiritually-inclined or seeking alternative insights to religion. 


Judaism 101

11 Hour Course

Removing the Fences From Around God

15 Hour Course

This course is a follow-up to “Removing the fences around God” but journeys deeper in the realms of science and mysticism towards the quest of remembering who we really are. Our studies will examine theories in quantum physics that purposely tie in what mystics have known for thousands of years – we are all one. Prerequisites include attending the “Fences” class, an ability to comprehend complex science, and an open mind. . 

9 Hour Course

A ten-week program to explore, discover and connect to the Jewish faith. From a refresher course to a first time exploration of the Jewish religion, an introductory program covering fundamental Jewish beliefs and practices. Open to all religious affiliations.