Celebrating Love

So often, I hear individuals expressing their personal disconnect with organized religion. They speak of lack of fulfillment, they speak of tired, worn-out liturgies that don't resonate in their lives, they speak of their  disillusionment with religious laws, customs, and traditions scrambling for room in today's post-modern society. They don't belong to a synagogue, they leave their church, they turn their back on religion seeking something more meaningful, more satisfying, more deeply emotional, something that provides answers to their questions. “I was raised secular,” “I'm not really religious—I'm more spiritual,” “I was raised...but it didn't really stick,” “I don't believe in God,” “I believe living a good life is what matters—I don't need religion.” Any of these ring a bell?
Services include:
Spiritual rehabilitation
Religious clarification
Metaphysical therapy​

Grief, a natural response to loss, is a deeply personal and individual emotion. The grieving process takes time; healing happens gradually. There is no “normal” way or time to grieve – one must allow the process to naturally unfold. The funeral of a loved one honors their memory and begins the healing process. When officiating a funeral service, my approach is one of affirming life and celebrating the life now ended. My focus is solely upon the mourners—I customize the format, readings, prayers, and eulogies to bring comfort and respect to those who mourn, while providing a spiritual conduit in the midst of grief.

Services include:
Memorial services


Life is made up of moments—experiential moments that impact us, shape our lives, and create who we are and who we are becoming. Underlying all of these moments is love. Love is experienced individually by each person, but the energy of love is something we all share. Discovering love, expressing love, celebrating love, grieving love – these are all significant experiences, each with its own distinct emotion, feeling and tradition. Love is the sponsoring impulse to everything I do.  


Mourning Love

Funerals, Weddings, Spiritual Enrichment

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Every couple is unique and incomparable. My aim is to support you so that on your wedding day you feel relaxed, buoyant, confident and truly present to experience every moment. On what promises to be a most memorable day, making your ceremony equally jubilant, personally resonant, and meaningful is my ultimate goal. Because I believe this world needs more love, I stand with the LGBTQ community. I also stand with those of different faith traditions who struggle to affirm their love amidst the practices of established religion. I proudly support and endorse marriage equality for all.

Services include:
Interfaith weddings
Same-sex weddings
Spiritual weddings for the unaffiliated/disaffected


Seekers of Spirituality